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Each Devata is made of pure crystal, employing the Pate de Verre (glass paste) process for art glass and crystal sculptures. In this technique, crushed glass is packed in a refractory mould and then fused in a kiln. Hence, each Devata is casted from a single piece of glass.

The magic in the detailing brings to life the artist’s vision setting each one apart in its rendering. Every one of the pieces from this collection effortlessly narrates a story from life, mythology and culture.

Experience the magic of these deities for your worship in your home, work or temple, or present one as a gift to a loved one and share this beautiful experience.


Dimensions: 200x180x180mm


Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of wealth, prosperity (both material and spiritual), fortune, and the embodiment of beauty. She is said to bring good luck and prosperity. This beautiful hand crafted crystal statue of Lakshmi sitting on a Lotus is the perfect tabletop piece for worship areas of your home or business. This statue also makes a great gift for graduation and similar achievements.

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Radha Krishna

Dimensions: 180x200x50mm


This statue depicts a celebrated theme throughout Hinduism - the spiritual love affair between the divine Krishna and his devotee Radha. . The magic in the detailing brings to life the artist’s vision in this sculpture. Symbolizing love & loyalty, this idol makes a beautiful wedding or engagement gift.

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Meera and Krishna Mural

Dimensions: 330x310x80mm


This piece is a beautiful representation of her undying love for Lord Krishna.

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Dimensions: 280x180x130mm


He represents divine deliverance from the cycle of life and death. This fine piece exudes the magnificence and magnanimity that Lord Shiva stands for.

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Meera and Krishna

Dimensions: 400x240x210mm


Meera, a true devotee of Lord Krishna, left behind all her worldly possessions and relations to submit herself to the worship of her hero, her Lord.

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