Lalgabh Ganesha

Lalgabh Ganesha

Dimensions: 210x250x450mm
Weight: 20 KG


This beautiful statue pays homage to "Lalbagh" - well-known center for reunions of Hindus during their festivals, especially the Ganesh festival. Prior to the Ganesh festival, these workshops are flooded with various-sized statues of Ganesha, the elephant-headed god worshiped by the people. Similarly this Lalbagh Ganesha is available in 3 sizes & prices.

The smallest Lalbagh Ganesh statue (110X90X200MM) weights 1.6 kgs and is priced at $1,266.

The medium sized statue (170X140X250MM) weighs 4.6 kgs and is priced at $1,905.

The large sized statue (210X250X450MM) weights 20 kgs and is priced at $5,966.

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